Full-stack JavaScript Consulting
I write software for mobile and web

Welcome to my web portal! I'm Florian, a freelance developer from Ghent, Belgium.

At the moment, I'm working on an IoT cloud platform at In The Pocket where the team and build an API-driven solution for our client.

People also seem to endorse me on LinkedIn for making word puns, so I guess you could also try hiring me for that.

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Work ethics

  • Skeletons matterLess div's, more semantic landmarks
  • Coding mindfulness through toolingLinting and autofixing to increase productivity
  • Constructively disagree with designersPretty doesn't make usable
  • Tab, tab, spaceNavigate with the keyboard for a11y

A little background

I was born and raised in a rural part of Belgium, where I was spoonfed tinkering with technology from early on. While growing up, the Sega and Windows 95 machine at home shaped my interest in computers. During my time at secondary school, I started experimenting with Flash and wrote scripts in TI-BASIC to automate math calculations (and store course notes from time to time). I then studied at Howest and graduated as Deviner. I spent my first few working years at Adagio Agency, before switching to consulting at Marble Development. In 2020, I made the jump to start freelancing on my own and have been doing so ever since.

Still reading? If you're looking for a resume, have a question about my availability, or just want to know how my day was, feel free to ask!

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